Get $400k In Pre-Loaded Retirement Funding For Business Owners

Business owners typically over-value their business and do not put enough away for retirement. You solve that problem for them while making an above-industry high referral fee.

*Our process is 100% flexible, and you can fit this around your own schedule

The process for qualifying clients for this extremely tax-efficient retirement benefit is easy.

How Do I Become An Associate?

Weinrich Jacobs is very selective in who we work with. Typically we only work with professionals who have an existing book of business owner clientele. This is NOT an opportunity for prospecting.

  • Fill Out The Associate Form

    Please fill out the Weinrich Jacobs associate form so that we can vet you.

  • Await Approval/Disapproval As An Associate

    The Weinrich Jacobs team is fast but through. We go through your application, check out your profile, and make a decision. Typically you’ll receive a response within 48 hours excluding weekends.

  • Approved Associates Receive The Welcome Packet

    Should you meet our criteria and be approved, we’ll send you a welcome packet which includes the minimum qualification criteria your client will need to meet to qualify for our retirement loan. You will also receive a dedicated account rep who can assist with appointment scheduling and assisting with gathering the required paperwork should a client proceed with the loan.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.If accepted, does it cost anything?

    A.No. There is no join fee or monthly fee. You refer quality clients to us and get a commission if the deal closes. That’s it.

  • Q.What is the minimum retirement loan amount that you offer?

    A.The minimum amount that we loan is $400,000.00 USD.

  • Q.Why are you offering such a high referral fee?

    A.We’ve discovered that getting a meeting with Business Owners is very difficult. Typically, the the easiest way to meet with a business owner is through someone that they are already doing business with. By offering such a competitive referral fee we become top-of-mind with advisers and agents who have these existing relationships. We maintain our reputation by not having to cold call, cold email, waste time and money on network groups, and other endeavors. We get right to it and everyone wins.

  • Q.Why would my client want a retirement loan?

    A.Many business owners invest heavily in their organization expecting to get that money back out when they sell their business. When that time comes, these owners are shocked to discover that the valuation they had in their mind of what their business is worth, just isn’t there. Suddenly that 401k money plus the small amount they could get in selling doesn’t support their lifestyle. By doing a non-qualified retirement loan, they receive funds that they can use to enjoy retirement or the lifestyle they wanted when they retire while still owning their business. It’s a double-win.

For consideration of entry into the Weinrich Jacobs Referral Fee program, please fill out the information below.